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Sacred Grove Sanctuary Treatments

*Ashiatsu only available in Madison at Barefoot Hands.

All session are unique and are co-created. Clients are encouraged to share their story and what their goals may be. Each treatment can be utilized on its own or we can combine techniques in order to optimally achieve the goals we set. 

1. Decide which treatment is best for you.

2. Select location you would like to book.

3. Select Sacred Grove Revitalization Technique or preferred treatment listed.

4. Select duration.

5. Select time and day.

6. Fill out client details.

7. Fill out documents for your booking.

8. Enjoy your session

Optimal Massage

  • Ashiatsu/AshiThai (only available in Madison at Barefoot Hands) 
    John Barnes Myofascial Release Technique

  • Deep Tissue

  • Acupressure

  • Relaxation

  • TMJ relief

  • Head Neck and Shoulder 

  • Hip release 

  • Fire/Medical Cupping 

  • Thai Viscera Massage


Sacred Vibrations

Kristopher also works with sound healing or Nada Yoga. As a Nada Yoga practitioner he uses Tibetan singing bowls to facilitate sound therapy. The bowls he uses have been  crafted with prayer and intention to support healing on a deep level. 


All instruments utilized are personally sourced by his teacher in the Himalayan mountains. Nada means flow of sound and Yoga is union. When playing these bowls, sacred vibrations emanate out and bring about peace of mind as it balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Grateful Hands

Kristopher is a Reiki level one practitioner who has pursued a variety of energy healing techniques. Tapping into this energy, he focuses on connecting with his clients needs and holds space through intention and prayer to act as a conduit for the healing energy through our divine essence.


Sacred Grove Sanctuary Revitalization Technique

All of the above treatments are brought into each session have the intention of helping his clients create a sanctuary for their minds, body and soul. The most effective way to bring about balance within our being is through the innate wisdom found within our bodies.

The synthesis of these techniques provide a transformative experience that is unique and highly efficacious.

May you be blessed with abundant health!

*New clients recieve 50% discount on first treatment.*

$33 discount for our elders and veterans.

*Sliding scale also available to be of service to all.

4 Rivers Center for Well Being 




1306 W. Wisconsin Ave

Oconomowoc, WI53066

Opening Hours

Tuesday : 10am - 6pm
​​Wednesday: 10am - 6pm


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