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Greetings and welcome to Sacred Grove Sanctuary!

At Sacred Grove Sanctuary, you will find different methods of treatments that can help alleviate much of the pain and suffering that is far too common in the world these days. 

We operate from the perspective that the most vital ally we have in our recovering and maintaining our health is the innate wisdom of our body. 

It is within this vein of thought that each aspect of our treatments are tailored to honoring this wisdom and creating a space within which it can flourish. 

To learn more about the founder Kristopher Grove and services provided please click learn more. 

"Creating a sanctuary for your mind, body and soul."

"The innate wisdom of the body is to be honored not ignored."

Kristopher Grove

Contact Us

 It will be an honor to create a sanctuary for your mind, body and soul from the comfort of your own home. 

Text or Email for more information.

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May you be infinitely blessed.


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